"...these brilliant, subtle and all too short-lived prints resonate in the mind long after one leaves the show. They are absolutely beautiful."   The New York Times

National Public Radio feature on solo exhibit at Brooklyn's Prospect Park Audobon Center.

November 2020 "Featured Artist Interview" in Sanctuary Magazine.

“The monoprints, as do your other prints and installations, are beautiful but static objects, or collections of objects, placed to absorb our gaze. They have symmetry and order and quiet.” Art-Vetting Website

"Most-interestingly, Baker’s work alludes to our collective concept of natural material and our individual memories of these found objects..." AS: Artists Studios

"...the leaves are like a one-of-a-kind piece of paper containing a variety of Baker’s detailed, circular prints. In others, the leaves are unadorned by ink etchings but arranged in a pattern that highlights repetition as well as the leaf’s singular beauty." Brooklyn Daily Eagle

"We're enthralled with the arrangement and beauty of the work and her preservation of what is normally so fleeting." Apartment Therapy


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Jessica Baker is a mixed-media visual artist based in Woodstock, NY. Her artwork has been featured in an interview for National Public Radio, presented in solo and group exhibitions throughout the United States and internationally, included in both private and institutional collections and praised by critics, including, notably, the NY Times. She has been awarded a printmaking fellowship at Women's Studio Workshop and a number of artistic residencies.

artworks and installations that explore the ephemeral